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For downloadable objects, you need additional accessories. You can find them on our second website or in our online shop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Feeding aid (arena)

This object is good for feeding and observing small ant colonies. Especially when the colony is too large to feed in a test tube.
Last edited 10.04.2021

T Connector for 14 mm pipes

This T connector can be printed in one piece or glued together. The connector is suitable for 14 mm tubes or for the plugs of the Gen3 Nest.
Last edited 21.05.2023

Creality Sermoon d1 filament holder (upgrate)

This is a filament holder for many rolls with different diameters. This ensures even flow during the printing process and thus super printing results.
You need a 3D printer, an m8 screw with nut and a ball bearing.
Everything else is described in the enclosed text document.
Last edited 26.08.2021