Procedure for placing an pre-order by EXAPUR

If products are not in stock in our shop, you can place a pre-order with us. The procedure for such a pre-order is as follows:
If you would like to place a pre-order, please contact us at any time by email: or use our contact form.
In this email you write the number of items you would like to order and any questions you may have. As soon as the email has been processed by us, we will reply with a confirmation.
It can then take up to 14 working days for your pre-order to be completed.
After that we will contact you and ask you if you still want to hold on to your order. Then please create an account on our website. With these details contained therein, we can prepare your order in our online shop. You will then receive a link from us that you can use to complete the purchase yourself. (possible payment methods can be found here)
If you have any questions, you are always welcome to ask them at